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Multiple Manufacturers

Ondansetron HCPCS:


HCPCS Code Descriptor:

Ondansetron 1 mg, oral, fda approved prescription anti-emetic, for use as a complete therapeutic substitute for an iv anti-emetic at the time of chemotherapy treatment, not to exceed a 48 hour dosage regimen


Q Code

Ondansetron NDCs:

00904-7073-93, 16714-0671-02, 00904-6552-61, 00904-6551-61, 00781-5239-64, 68001-0247-17, 00781-1681-31, 68001-0247-04, 00378-7734-93, 16714-0201-30, 68001-0246-17, 00781-5239-80, 00781-5238-64, 68462-0158-13, 68001-0246-04, 00378-7732-93, 51672-4091-03, 16714-0200-30, 67877-0170-30, 55111-0154-30, 68462-0157-13, 55111-0153-30, 67877-0169-30, 16714-0160-01, 00378-7734-97, 16714-0159-01, 68462-0106-30, 16714-0201-10, 68462-0105-30, 68462-0158-11, 00781-1681-33

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Ondansetron CPT Codes:

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Potential NDC Listing Errors:

We have identified listing errors with the following NDCs:

00781-1681-33, 00378-7734-97, 67877-0169-30, 67877-0170-30, 00378-7732-93, 00781-5238-64, 00781-5239-80, 00378-7734-93, 00781-1681-31, 00781-5239-64, 00904-7073-93

About Ondansetron:

Ondansetron is a medication manufactured by multiple manufacturers and aligned to the Q Code: Q0162. Ondansetron is administered via the oral route of administration.


Q0162 Added Date:

January 1, 2012

Q0162 Effective Date:

January 1, 2012

Q0162 Termination Date:

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