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Multiple Manufacturers

Hyalgan HCPCS:


HCPCS Code Descriptor:

Hyaluronan or derivative, hyalgan, supartz or visco-3, for intra-articular injection, per dose


J Code

Hyalgan NDCs:

89130-4444-01, 50016-0957-21, 89122-0724-20, 89122-0724-12

Primary Type:


Generic/Specialty Status:


Package Type:

Not Found

Route of Administration:


Hyalgan CPT Codes:

-20610, 20611, 99201, 99202, 99203, 99204, 99205, 99212, 99213, 99214, 99215 *More inforamtion on these CPT codes can be found here

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Potential NDC Listing Errors:

We have identified listing errors with the following NDCs:

89122-0724-12, 89122-0724-20, 50016-0957-21, 89130-4444-01

About Hyalgan:

HYALGAN is a medication manufactured by multiple manufacturers and aligned to the J Code: J7321. HYALGAN is administered via the injection route of administration.

Hyalgan is an injection that is indicated for the treatment of knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. Hyalgan is designed to mimic the fluid that surround the joints in the body. Hyalgan is thought to help act as a lubricant and a shock absorber for the knee joint, reducing pain and helping patients with osteoarthritis move more comfortably. Hyalgan is administered via injection directly into the joint of the knee.


J7321 Added Date:

January 1, 2008

J7321 Effective Date:

April 1, 2021

J7321 Termination Date:

HCPCS Active

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Hyalgan patient assistance information can be found through Fidia Pharma at the URL:
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