Multiple Manufacturers



Multiple Manufacturers

Fluorouracil HCPCS:


HCPCS Code Descriptor:

Injection, fluorouracil, 500 mg


J Code

Fluorouracil NDCs:

16729-0276-67, 16729-0276-68, 70700-0187-23, 68001-0524-31, 63323-0117-20, 70700-0186-23, 68001-0524-30, 16729-0276-38, 70700-0189-22, 63323-0117-28, 25021-0215-99, 68001-0266-32, 68001-0525-32, 63323-0117-10, 70700-0188-22, 16729-0276-11, 63323-0117-61, 63323-0117-19, 63323-0117-18, 25021-0215-98, 68001-0525-27, 62332-0751-50, 63323-0117-68, 63323-0117-69, 63323-0117-51, 63323-0117-58, 63323-0117-59

Primary Type:


Generic/Specialty Status:


Route of Administration:


Potential NDC Listing Errors:

Our team did not identify any potential listing errors/discrepancies for the NDCs mapped to this HCPCS code.

About Fluorouracil:

FLUOROURACIL is an Oncology drug manufactured by Fresenius Kabi and administered via the Intravenous route of administration. The J Code: J9190 is aligned to the drug FLUOROURACIL.

Fluorouracil is a type of chemotherapy drug that belongs to a group of medicines called anti metabolites. Fluorouracil may be used to treat a variety of different types of cancers, such as colon, rectum, breast, stomach, or pancreas cancer. Fluorouracil and other anti-metabolites are thought to work by stopping cancer cells from making and repairing DNA, which in turn stops their growth and multiplication. Fluorouracil is often given in combination with other forms of chemotherapy.


J9190 Added Date:

January 1, 1984

J9190 Effective Date:

January 1, 2009

J9190 Termination Date:

HCPCS Active

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