Vegzelma - Cost

Last Updated: April 1st, 2024



HCPCS Code Descriptor:

Injection, bevacizumab-adcd (vegzelma), biosimilar, 10 mg

Medicare Payment Limit:

The Vegzelma Medicare Payment Limit is $69.268

Average Sale Price:

Vegzelma ASP cost available once logged in. Vegzelma is a biosimilar drug making the ASP calculation more complex. Vegzelma's ASP is based on the average sale price of its biosimilar reference drug.

Medicare Co-Insurance Percentage:

The Vegzelma Medicare Co-insurance percentage is 20%. Vegzelma's Medicare Co-insurance amount is $13.85 per HCPCS unit.

APC Code:

The Vegzelma APC Code is: 9159

APC Payment Limit:

The APC Payment Limit for Vegzelma is available. Login to view.

Vegzelma Cost Information:

Vegzelma (Q5129) is a bevacizumab biosimilar to the reference product Avastin (J9035) that became effective in April of 2023. Vegzelma has two NDCs with WAC and AWP pricing that became effective March 14th, 2023. Vegzelma’s ASP was first published in October 2023 within 5% of the WAC price, indicating a lack of significant discounting from the manufacturer.


Vegzelma’s wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) information was last updated on:
March 14, 2023
Vegzelma’s average wholesale price (AWP) information was last updated on:
March 14, 2023