Pricing Updates

On, we publish two types of pricing updates:

1. ASP Changes: Every quarter, we publish an ASP pricing update. This includes all of the Payment Limits from the CMS ASP file.

2. WAC/AWP Changes: Every month, we publish a ‘Price Change’ report which represents all of the WAC/AWP changes that occurred on Additionally, these includes new NDCs that have been crosswalked to HCPCS codes and introduced to our database.

These two types of reports can be found below:

Regular updates to Average Sales Price (ASP), Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC), and Average Wholesale Price (AWP) data are essential for maintaining regulatory compliance, ensuring accurate reimbursement, enabling informed decision-making, and fostering financial stability in the healthcare industry. Publishing quarterly ASP pricing updates and monthly WAC/AWP price change reports helps healthcare providers stay current with the latest drug prices, new product availability, and reimbursement calculations. Accurate pricing data promotes market transparency, effective financial planning, and better patient care by keeping stakeholders informed about treatment options and costs.