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Prednisone - Cost

Updated as of: July 1st, 2024



HCPCS Code Descriptor:

Prednisone, immediate release or delayed release, oral, 1 mg

Medicare Payment Limit:

The Prednisone Medicare Payment Limit is $0.008.

Average Sale Price:

Prednisone ASP cost available once logged in.

Medicare Co-Insurance Percentage:

The Prednisone Medicare Co-Insurance percentage is 20%. Prednisone's Medicare Co-Insurance amount is $0.002

APC Code:

The Prednis:one APC Code is: not available

APC Payment Limit:

The APC Payment Limit for Prednisone is not available.

Prednisone Cost Information:

Prednisone, became effective on January 1, 2016, and is associated with HCPCS J7512. Prednisone has 26 NDCs mapped to J Code: J7512. Between 2016 and 2024, AWP and ASP have remained relatively level with a few minor adjustments. During this time, WAC experienced several fluctuations and remains substantially higher than both AWP and ASP through 2024.


Prednisone’s wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) information was last updated on:
February 1, 2020
Prednisone’s average wholesale price (AWP) information was last updated on:
February 1, 2020