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DEXTROSE 5%-0.9% NACL - Cost

Last Updated: April 1st, 2024



HCPCS Code Descriptor:

5% dextrose/normal saline (500 ml = 1 unit)

Medicare Payment Limit:

The DEXTROSE 5%-0.9% NACL Medicare Payment Limit is $1.132

Average Sale Price:

DEXTROSE 5%-0.9% NACL ASP cost available once logged in.

Medicare Co-Insurance Percentage:

The DEXTROSE 5%-0.9% NACL Medicare Co-insurance percentage is 20%. DEXTROSE 5%-0.9% NACL's Medicare Co-insurance amount is $0.23 per HCPCS unit.

APC Code:

The Dextrose 5%-0.9% Nacl APC Code is: not available

APC Payment Limit:

The APC Payment Limit for DEXTROSE 5%-0.9% NACL is not available.

Dextrose 5%-0.9% Nacl Cost Information:

DEXTROSE 5%-0.9% NACL, HCPCS J7042, became effective on January 1, 1997. There are 4 NDCs mapped to J Code: J7042 with no issues found within these alignments. Between 2018 and 2022, prices increased annually by a few percentage points. At the beginning of 2022, both WAC and AWP experienced drastic declines of over 90% but have since spiked back up above previous levels.


Dextrose 5%-0.9% Nacl’s wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) information was last updated on:
April 27, 2021
Dextrose 5%-0.9% Nacl’s average wholesale price (AWP) information was last updated on:
April 27, 2021